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Growing up, I’ve always had a passion for journalism: writing, hosting, and video editing.

I also really loved pop culture, and pretty much planned on being an entertainment journalist filling you in on the latest Kardashian baby daddy drama every week.

But about two years ago, I remember just waking up and realizing that if my career wasn’t centered around serving my community in some way and doing something that was going to fulfill my soul’s purpose– I was completely wasting my time.

While I’m still an active music journalist and adore reviewing albums and interviewing artists, my personal work is centered around solidifying the power in conversation.

I make videos where I do on-street interviews on Miami Beach or my old college campus and explore relevant millennial matters, from self-love and mental health to online dating and post-graduation anxiety. I’ve received an overwhelming amount of DMs and personal messages from people thanking me for providing a platform for people with faces like theirs to be open and expressive and let them know they weren’t alone in the things they’re going through.

We spend so much time comparing our very raw and real selves to false images portrayed by others on social media that we think the self-doubt and anxieties we experience are unique to only us. By opening up the dialogue and bringing light to these “taboo” topics, we are bettering the community, and it’s such a gratifying feeling to be a part of it.

I want to encourage people my age to be emotionally naked and have authentic conversations with each other again.